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Auto Repair Service

Car ownership comes with the freedom of being able to go wherever you want, but it also comes with responsibilities like vehicle maintenance and repair. We know bringing your vehicle to the dealership or a repair shop is a major inconvenience, even for vehicle maintenance. We also know the auto repair industry has a reputation for being deceptive and disappointing – and that it sometimes takes too long for someone to make repairs or do the maintenance on your vehicle.

At Driven Auto Care in Fremont CA, we are driven to exceed, which means we get you in and out as quickly as possible with top-quality parts and service. We aim to change your mind about what you think of the auto repair industry by ensuring your vehicle is repaired right the first time.

Today’s Auto Repair Service Shop

Back in the day when vehicles first came on the market, you had to be mechanically inclined or rely on a non-professional to maintain and repair your vehicle. Over time, cars became more complicated and required experienced mechanics. As manufacturers added more features, including computerized engine management and safety features on today’s vehicles, auto technicians had to have extensive training.

Today’s auto repair service shops have state-of-the-art tools and equipment to maintain, diagnose, and repair your vehicle. Our technicians are always learning because manufacturers are always coming out with new technology. Driven Auto Care in Fremont CA, keeps up with the newest technology, including electric vehicle maintenance and repair, so you can be confident in leaving your vehicle in our hands for everything from maintenance to engine overhauls.


Because of the complexity of today’s vehicles, our auto technicians have to be diagnosticians first and mechanics second. Without the ability to diagnose a problem, the auto tech wouldn’t be able to make the repairs required.

Driven Auto Care has all the newest diagnostic equipment and tools to work on today’s computerized and electric vehicles.

Why You Should Choose Driven Auto Care in Fremont CA

When choosing an auto repair shop, you should consider several factors, including:

  • Is the shop clean?
  • Is the shop well-stocked?
  • Does the shop have the newest diagnostic equipment required for newer vehicles?
  • Are the technicians A.S.E. Certified?
  • Are the staff friendly?
  • Do the service advisors fully explain the issue with your vehicle?
  • Can the shop prove what they are saying is wrong so you know it isn’t taking you for a ride?
  • Do the auto technicians have all the tools they need to repair your vehicle?
  • Do the auto techs have the experience necessary to handle any repair your vehicle needs?

Driven Auto Care in Fremont CA can answer a resounding “Yes” to all those questions. We provide digital vehicle inspections and can provide photos of the repairs your vehicle needs. Our service advisors are trained to explain repairs to you in a manner you can understand instead of spouting off information that would make your eyes glaze over.

Auto Repair Services We Provide

We are a full-service shop, offering a broad range of services including:

Ignition System

Sensor & Sender Replacement

Cooling System

Catalytic Converter Repair

Starting & Charging System Repairs

Fuel System

Performance &

Vehicle Lift Kits

Auto Repair and Maintenance Services at Driven Auto Care in Fremont CA

We offer full maintenance and auto repair services at Driven Auto Care, including:

  • Vehicle Diagnostics: Every vehicle we work on, whether Honda, Toyota, Nissan, luxury models, Ford, Dodge, RAM, or GM models, has computers that govern the engine – mostly for emissions. Some vehicles have electronically controlled transmissions. We have the equipment to diagnose issues for vehicles that run on fuel, hybrid vehicles, and electric vehicles.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Every vehicle requires maintenance, including tune-ups, filter changes, oil changes, transmission flushes, coolant flushes, and more.
  • Brake Repair and Service: Brakes are a wear-and-tear item. They wear out no matter what kind of vehicle you have. Ignoring brake pad replacement causes additional damage, which only costs you more.
  • Tires and Alignments: Keeping the tires rotated and balanced and the wheels aligned helps improve fuel economy and safety.
  • Suspension Repair: The suspension gives you a smooth ride and ensures it handles well on the road.
  • Engine Services: We replace engine accessories such as alternators and power steering pumps and repair engines, including leaking gaskets, malfunctioning oil pumps, and other engine issues.
  • Auto Air Conditioning Repair: Keep cool by maintaining your vehicle’s air conditioning and repairing it if it fails.
  • Fleet Services: We offer maintenance and repair for your business fleets.
  • Catalytic Converter Services: We can replace malfunctioning catalytic converters.
  • Pre-Trip Inspection: Taking a trip? We’ll make sure your vehicle is safe before you leave.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection: Buying a new used vehicle? Make sure the seller isn’t taking you for a ride.

Contact Driven Auto Care in Fremont, CA

When it’s time for auto repair, contact Driven Auto Care at (510) 319-2188 for an appointment. We are conveniently located at 40931 Albrae St., Fremont CA 94538.

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